Alt.Latino also offers good 2023 playlist for your paying attention satisfaction


Alt.Latino also offers good 2023 playlist for your paying attention satisfaction

We’re just a few months into 2023 and you will already I feel I need specific fresh audio back at my playlist. And you can exactly who better to let as compared to crew on Alt.Latino, Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre.

CONTRERAS: You realize, the end of the season is usually sluggish. Very limited songs coming out. And yearly, one thing initiate bouncing actual fast. I brought in five tracks with can be found in recently you to provides caught our ear.

SAYRE: So this very first track We put is simply about stop off 2022. It’s named „Regalo” from the Caloncho y Bomba Estereo. Caloncho is an excellent Sonoran singer songwriter who has recognized for kind of a combination of warm reggae and you may pop. At the same time, Bomba Estereo was heavy to the electro cumbia voice, an effective Colombian ring. Thus seeing the two interact because of it brand of warm, boppy (ph) track with synths and you may instruments really feels unique.

CONTRERAS: Ok. A guy called Gregorio Uribe. Today, he’s an incredibly skilled musician out of Colombia, another Colombian artist, which is a country who’s got a very good accordion community. This tune is called „Atlas.” I’ll begin the fresh tune, and you will I will speak you from the birth part due to the fact there can be particular interesting sounds anything happening.

CONTRERAS: Had just a bit of a beneficial cumbia defeat going. And you will underneath it has such – preciselywhat are called alegre drums. These are typically such as for example African djembes. They are descendants out of African djembes that is combined from inside the using this Colombian society. Check it out.

RASCOE: We have done this once or twice since the We have started holding Sunday Model, and you can I’m detecting a change throughout the songs that you and you may Ana promote.

CONTRERAS: Really don’t need to say it is an era thing, however,, you are aware, Ana’s a little young than I’m otherwise I’m a little older than this woman is.

However, there are some places where our very own preferences convergence

SAYRE: But I think that is the appeal of, you are aware, that which we need to would into the Alt.Latino is actually i version of find the areas the spot where the distinctions takes place.

CONTRERAS: Therefore every returns that it’s nearly impossible to classify exactly what try Latin music today as the music artists was growing one to definition, like, each day, whenever we tune in to new things.

And you may she’s very capable of being unlock about this sexuality and you can about how exactly she seems about that

SAYRE: Yeah, In my opinion this particular next track that we earned are probably quite exemplar of the ways that Felix and that i perhaps disagree in our tastes. It’s titled „Hedonismo,” and it is by Puerto Rican rapper Villano Antillano. „Hedonismo” translates to hedonism in the English. It’s a tune off the earliest specialized album you to definitely she put-out back in e on her coming out of Puerto Rico. And a lot of that have to do into ways that she extremely publicly conveys by herself once the a queer transgender lady. And thus this is a sensational phrase of the.

CONTRERAS: Whiplash, needless to say. This really is one entitled Lucas Santtana. He could be off Salvador, Bahia, within the Brazil, which is a middle of Afro-Brazilian society and songs for the reason that country. He could be a performer-composer-producer dude. I was keen on their mix of the new myriad of men and women varieties of Brazil mixed with latest digital tunes. Their music was sometimes new old upcoming otherwise a futuristic look in the prior. Anyway, I was a huge partner. It tune are a cover regarding a tune of the Brazilian grasp Jorge Ben from 1974. The brand new identity is within Latin. I am not also probably just be sure to pronounce it. Just search the songs.

RASCOE: Felix Contreras and you can Anamaria Sayre will be co-machines of NPR’s Alt.Latino podcast. Plus 2023, Alt.Latino try honoring its 13th 12 months.

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